Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms is an adventure power metal band forged in November 2017 in Viterbo (Rome) by the swords of five brave souls.

Gennaro Cerra as Grodan the Mage and Alessandro Mammola as Gildor the Elf are the powerful guitars and Simone Borghetto, aka Argo Skia the cleric, brings the crystal clear sound of the violin.

At the beginning of this epic adventure Manuel Munoz Gutierrez as Robert the Barbarian played the mighty drums and Giovanni Citate was the fearless Knight Darmian, the vocalist. Too soon these two beloved comrades have fallen in battle. But now a new powerful Warrior has risen as the voice of the band, Saylor Manca, the Silent Sword.

These Heroes together swore to fight against the evil sorcerer to restore freedom and light in the Forgotten Kingdoms. Fantasy costumes on the scene, tales of dragons and magic and peerless power metal music form the winning mix of this brand new band who just released the first album, Dragonslayer.